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Packington Avenue roadworks set for November

Some important news about forthcoming roadworks on Packington Avenue:


Packington Avenue roadworks


All Saints Square Update

The redevelopment of the Shard End Crescent shops and the creation of All Saints Square has been a real boost for the area, but there are still some issues that need to be resolved as the development is completed.

At last week’s Ward meeting we had an update on a series of questions raised by residents, which are reproduced below.  If you have any additional issues or queries you’d like to raise, please let me know via the contact page.

Who is responsible for maintaining All Saints Square?
Eddisons are the “managing agent” responsible for maintaining All Saints Square, including the land at the back of the new library.  However, Eddisons say that they are getting formal confirmation of the land they are responsible for.

Litter picking and grass cutting
Eddison’s have confirmed that there is a 7 days a week litter picking and grass cutting programme in place.  Staff doing this should be on site 8am – 10am.

Who is responsible for the planted areas in front of the housing on Shard End Crescent (just up from the Co-op?)
The landscaped strips in front of this housing partly fall within Highways (i.e. City Council) land.  Barratt’s engineering manager is working with the Council’s Highways Department to “stop up” these areas, which means taking them out of the adopted highway.  Once the “stopping up” order has been granted these strips will be transferred to Affinity Sutton housing association, who will become responsible for their maintenance.

Levelling the grass and tidying the space at the rear of the library
Eddisons are getting quotes for doing this work.  They are also looking at levelling the gravel around the planters, which has already been done to the planters at the front.

Damaged lamp-post in front of the library
This lamp-post is to be replaced and a chrome guard rail installed to protect it.

Planters in the Square are being damaged
Eddisons are also getting quotes to replant these and are looking at whether shrubs might be more appropriate.

Will there be a Christmas event?
Local residents organisation Shard End & Tile Cross Communities are liaising with Eddisons about some help with Christmas lights.

Protecting shrubs and grass by the library
Eddisons are investigating the cost of installing bollards to prevent cars going over the shrubs and grass in this area.

Damage caused to cladding at the rear of the Co-op
This was caused by a truck.  The Co-op are dealing with their insurers to get the cladding fixed and Eddisons are arranging for bollards to be installed to prevent further problems.

Final road surfacing works
These have started with the replacement of damaged kerbs and will take several weeks to complete.

Safety audit of the area
This will be carried out as soon as the surfacing works are finished.

Bushes at the corner of Ownall Road and Gorsefield Road
Barratt’s are responsible for putting these bushes in and are looking at the concerns raised by local residents that they are blocking visibility.




Works planned for Kitts Green Road

I’ve just received notice that part of Kitts Green Road is set to be resurfaced, in the next phase of upgrades and repairs to our local roads network.

Work on resurfacing the stretch of road that runs from Lea Village roundabout to The Meadway is expected to start during the week ending 1 March 2013 and will take up to ten nights to complete. The team have to work on this road at night because it would cause congestion or access problems if it were to be closed during the day. They will endeavour to keep noise to a minimum but inevitably the work will cause some disruption.

Whilst surfacing operations are being carried out the section of road affected will be entirely closed to ALL traffic. If you require access for medical/personal reasons, please contact 0121 303 6644 (option 2), to discuss how access can be arranged. Pedestrian access will be maintained as well as access for emergency vehicles.

The team also need to ensure that vehicles are not parked on the road during these hours. Any cars left on the road will be removed by the City Council Parking Enforcement Team, which could include a cost to the owner. They will help you with access where possible if you contact them prior to the works starting, by calling 0121 303 6644 (option 2).

Meadway to be resurfaced

The Meadway is set to be resurfaced at the beginning of February, in the latest phase of the roads maintenance and repair programme.

Resurfacing of the carriageway between the junctions with Kitts Green Road and Garretts Green Lane is due to start in the week ending 8 February 2013.  The work will take place at nights, between 7pm and 6am and should take around 15 days to complete.

Whilst surfacing operations are being carried out the section of road affected will be entirely closed to ALL traffic. If you require access for medical/personal reasons, could you please contact 0121 303 6644 (option 2), to discuss how access can be arranged. Pedestrian access will be maintained as well as access for emergency vehicles.

Street Works round-up

I’ve just had details of the street works planned for various locations across the Ward over the next few weeks:

Carriageway resurfacing – Berrowside Road and Bradley Road
This is scheduled to take place in the week ending 11 January.  The work will last for up to five days and will take place between the hours of 8am and 6pm.  Both roads will be closed to traffic while the work is underway, but pedestrian and emergency vehicle access will be retained.

If you have any questions about how these works may affect you, or if you have any special access requirements, please call the Highways team on 0121 303 6644 and request Option 2.  They will be happy to assist you.

Tree removals
Work will take place over the next three weeks to remove the following:

Laburnum tree outside 383 Heath Way.  The Council will replace the tree with a younger, healthier tree of an appropriate species for the location.  The replacement tree will be planted during the winter planting season of October – March. This is the best time to plant young trees and gives them the best chance of survival.

Dead Hawthorn tree outside 399 The Radleys.  This will also be replaced with an appropriate tree during the winter planting season.

Have your say at the Highways Roadshow

Birmingham’s Highways Maintenance and Management Service are holding a Public Consultation Roadshow for residents of the Hodge Hill and Yardley Districts this coming Wednesday, 28 November.  

The session takes place at the Tesco Superstore at the Fox and Goose, Coleshill Road, Hodge Hill between 3pm and 7pm and is a chance to find out about the highway improvements that are planned for the next two years in the Hodge Hill and Yardley areas, including Shard End Ward.

The Highways team are keen to hear residents’ views on road and pavement improvements, including the change from paving slabs to bituminous materials, street lighting and trees on the highway.  Do try and pop in if you can!

Roadworks update

I’ve just had notice of the latest scheduled road repairs across the ward.  Over the next few weeks Amey, the Council’s roadworks contractor, will be carrying out the following works:

Week ending 29 June
Carriageway resurfacing, Tile Cross Road.

Week ending 7 July
Carriageway resurfacing outside numbers 1 – 75 Wychbold Crescent
Concrete joint repairs outside numbers 77 – 173 Wychbold Crescent
Carriageway resurfacing, Lea Ford Road
Carriageway resurfacing, Lea Village (from Kitts Green Road to Lea Ford Road)

Week ending 13 July
Carriageway resurfacing, Nearmoor Road
Carriageway resurfacing, Kitsland Road

All works will take up to five days to complete.  Amey have written out to all residents affected to confirm the details, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.