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This week’s local police report

Click here to download the latest update from our local police team.


Weekly police report

This week’s update from our local police team is available to download here.

Next Ward meeting – Monday 10 February

The Pump Centre on Kitts Green Road is the venue for our next ward meeting, which will be held on Monday 10 February, starting at 7pm.

Items to be discussed include the regular report from the local police team, an update on the district budget, presentations from Reel Access on the exciting Reawakening Lea Village and Glebe Farm Tapestry projects and a report on the activities provided by the Pump itself.

All residents are welcome!

Weekly Police Report

Download this week’s update from our local policing team by clicking here.

Policing update

The local policing team’s weekly report is out now.  You can read a copy by following this link.

There has been an increase in shoplifting incidents over the last few weeks.  The police team have produced a handy guide to help local shopkeepers with making their businesses more secure.  Click here to download your copy.

Local police report

The latest update from the Shard End Ward police team is now available.  Download your copy by clicking here.

Policing update

The latest newsletter from our local policing team is now out.  Download your copy by following this link.

Weekly police report

Our Neighbourhood Policing Team for Shard End Ward is now publishing a weekly summary of crime figures and other useful information for residents.

The police will be sharing the reports with people across the community and I will also be publishing them on this website.  I think that this is a very welcome step, ensuring that residents have access to the facts about crime in the neighbourhoods that make up the Shard End Ward and the information they need to help make our area safer.  You can access the first report, covering the period 1 – 8 August by following this link.

Help us tackle the menace of off-road motorbikes

Regular readers of this blog will know that the misuse of off-road motorbikes is a perennial concern for people living in the neighbourhoods that make up the Shard End Ward.  

My colleagues and I are continuing to work closely with the local police to try and tackle the problems caused by the misuse of these vehicles. One of the key issues for the police is getting evidence so they can identify and take action against the perpetrators.

If you’ve got any information regarding locations, perpetrators or the vehicles involved, please make sure you let the police know.  They’ve set up a special on-line survey where you can leave details – you can access this by clicking here.

You can also download a copy of the information leaflet, Off Road Motorbikes, Safety & the Law here.

Working together to keep our parks safe

ParkwatchPark Watch, a new initiative to help keep our parks free from crime and anti-social behaviour, is being launched at Shard End Police Station on Monday 5 August.

All residents are welcome to attend.  Please click on the flyer above for details.