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Could Birmingham Energy Savers help you?

Earlier this month, I helped to launch Birmingham Energy Savers, a new programme designed to help residents save money on their fuel bills.

The official statistics show that more than one in four Birmingham households are classed as being in fuel poverty.  These numbers are certainly borne out by my own experience of trying to help residents who are struggling to meet the costs of heating their homes, often in the face of rising costs.

Birmingham Energy Savers will help residents by carrying out a home audit to identify energy efficiency measures and recommending a “Green Deal Plan” of improvements.  Crucially, the scheme allows residents to pay for some or all of the improvements by instalments through their electricity bill.  Repayments will cost no more than a typical household should save through energy costs.

The programme should reduce residents’ energy bills by up to £300 a year, which would take up to 40,000 Brummies out of fuel poverty by 2015.  It will also help to create more jobs for Birmingham residents, providing a direct investment in skills and opportunities for local people.

To find out more, please visit the Birmingham Energy Savers website.