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City Council takes a stand on Bedroom Tax

At this month’s meeting of the City Council, I moved a resolution calling on the Government to abolish the Bedroom Tax and setting out the steps we are taking, here in Birmingham, to deal with the effects of this pernicious measure.

The resolution, which you can read by clicking here, received the unanimous support of all Labour Councillors. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats chose not to register a vote.

You can watch the full debate by following this link. If you, a friend or family member are affected by Bedroom Tax or any of the other welfare changes, please visit or drop me a line via the Contact Me page.


An astonishing degree of complacency

The Cabinet Member for Local Services & Community Safety gave his annual report to the City Council meeting yesterday afternoon.

The report, which you can read here, is an astonishingly complacent document.  It offers no vision for how the Council intend to respond to the Government’s Localism Act or share more power with local people.  On the unprecedented cuts to policing – probably the most serious community safety issue facing our city – the Cabinet Member offers no comment at all.

As the Labour Shadow Cabinet Member for Local Services, I responded to the report on behalf of the Opposition at yesterday’s meeting.  You can see my speech by clicking here.