Shard End Ward

Located on the eastern border of Birmingham, Shard End Ward is a large residential area, incorporating the neighbourhoods of Shard End, Tile Cross, Kitts Green, Lea Village and the Glebe.

One of the historic griffin statues stands guard at the entrance to Shard End’s Yorkswood Estate

Up until the First World War, the area was almost entirely rural and there are still echoes of a greener past in the large areas of open space and playing fields that can be found in the area. The heart of the ward is divided by the Cole Valley, which is part of the Kingfisher Country Park.

Local facilities include Shard End Community Leisure Centre, The Pump on Kitts Green Road, Shard End Library, and several other community halls and centres. There are shops at Tile Cross and shopping centres at Lea Village, Shard End Crescent, the Castle on Bradford Road, The Heathway and East Meadway. In the south of the Ward, there are some industrial sites, including the Alcoa factory.

The area also boasts a number of vibrant residents’ and voluntary organisations that serve the community and campaign to make a difference to the quality of life for local people.

Not sure whether you live in the Shard End Ward? You can check by using your postcode – simply follow this link.  You can also see a map of the Ward here.

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