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Showtime for Lea Village!



Speaking out against the Bedroom Tax

The Bedroom Tax comes into effect on 1 April, one of a series of ill-thought out welfare “reforms” that will affect many hard pressed families in Shard End Ward.

There are over 9,000 households living in Birmingham City Council properties who will be directly affected and a further 5,500 who are tenants of housing association properties.  Over 400 of these households can be found in Shard End Ward – one of the highest concentrations in the city.

I recently gave an interview setting out the impact that Bedroom Tax will have on people living in our community and the kind of work the City Council is doing to try and support them. You can view it by clicking on the image below.

For more information about the impending welfare changes and how they might affect you or someone you know, please click here.

Fears over growth of food banks

Last week, I opened three new food bank collection bins at the City Council’s Woodcock Street offices.  The bins allow Council staff to contribute food which is then taken by the Salvation Army to Birmingham Central Food Bank, for distribution to families and children across the city.

The growing demand upon food banks is a sad reflection of the pressures that the people of Birmingham are facing as a result of welfare reform, spending cuts and the general economic situation.  Here in Shard End Ward, we now have at least two food banks supporting hard pressed and vulnerable local residents and there is a growing network in neighbourhoods across the city.

I gave a short interview setting out the work that the City Council is doing, along with our partners, to try and help local people faced with these challenges.  Click on the link above to watch.