Quad bikes: the police need your help!

The misuse of quad bikes is one of the main issues that residents across the ward are raising with me at the moment.  There are real and understandable concerns over dangerous driving our streets and the abuse of some of our open spaces.

The police can and will act to deal with these problems, but of course they need evidence about who the owners and perpetrators are in order to do so.  We can all help them by passing on any information about properties where these bikes are kept and the identities of those involved.  I regularly pass them details that come to my attention and am also happy to do so on behalf of other local residents.  Alternatively, you can pass information directly to the police via the new, non-emergency telephone number, 101.



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  1. I love quad biking but clearly only when you are on your own land. I used to experience a young lad riding his quad bike down our street every night, long past the time people had gone to bed, and it was extremely irritating. The police claimed not to know where he lived, and all in all, nothing was done.

    I hope the control of it in built up areas is taken more seriously in the future.

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