Safer Routes to Schools

One of the initiatives I’ve been closely involved with since first being elected to represent Shard End Ward is the local Schools Forum.  This brings together youngsters from primary schools across the area to discuss issues around personal safety, the local environment and how to be active citizens.

A frequent item raised by young people in our discussions is road safety outside some of our local schools.  I’ve raised these with the Highways department and am pleased to report some progress.  Reproduced below is the email I’ve received from Highways regarding some action that will be happening through this year’s “Safer Routes to Schools” programme.

It’s another step forward, although I’m aware that there’s still more to do, so I’m still on the case!


Dear Councillor,

As part of this years Safer Routes to School “No Stopping” TRO Program please find below a list for your information of schools in your ward where either a no stopping order will be introduced or existing incorrect markings will be corrected and made enforceable. On site the no stopping order will consist of “School Keep Clear” markings outside and adjacent to school entrances and relevant signage.

Gossey Lane Junior and Infant School – Gossey Lane
Hillstone Junior and Infant School – Hillstone Road
Our Lady’s RC Primary School – East Meadway
Timberley Primary School – Bradley Road

If you require any further information regarding these measures please contact me.

Mark Bricknell
Local Engineering – Highways


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