About John

I’m one of the three Labour Councillors for the Shard End Ward, which covers the neighbourhoods of Shard End, Tile Cross, Kitts Green, Lea Village and Glebe Farm.


It’s a real privilege to serve  such a strong and vibrant local community.  As a local Councillor,  I’ve been working alongside residents on hard hitting campaigns to deal with local priorities, ranging from cracking down on anti-social behaviour to campaigning for improvements to public transport.

Getting more people involved in decision making and local action are real passions of mine, so I invest a lot of my time in attending community groups, public meetings or simply knocking on doors across the area and listening to residents’ views.

I am also the City Council’s Cabinet Member for Social Cohesion and Equalities, responsible for driving forward the battle to reduce the inequalities in health, education and employment that have been holding our city back, preventing people from reaching their full potential. I’m passionate about removing those obstacles and ensuring that every citizen has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to our society.

Away from the Council, I’m dad to a nearly teenage daughter who takes pride in making me feel antiquated.  To compensate for this, I try to cling on to what remains of my youth with my enthusiastic but largely hapless forays into rhythm guitar playing.  I suspect that I enjoy the playing more than others do the listening.

1306 HLB event 2This website is designed to give an insight into the work I am doing as a Councillor, both in the Shard End Ward and on the City Council.  Please do drop me a line to tell me what you think – I’m here to work for you!


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